SERVE is the name of the volunteer program from EBM INTERNATIONAL and Hoffnung (Hope) International e.V.: Serving God, serving people. SERVE is a volunteer service of people over 18 in Africa or Latin America - in churches, kindergartens, in building and agricultural projects, at health care facilities...

Flyer "Serve" German version
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A-Z for volunteers
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Information letter SERVE
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Orientation course schedule
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Serving God, serving people - SERVE

Volunteering at EBM INTERNATIONAL offers the ideal opportunity to “get a taste” of global missionary work. In collaboration with the association Hoffnung (Hope) INTERNATIONAL e.V., we arrange volunteer work (including volunteer social work for one year abroad (FSJ) and Other Service Abroad, Worldwards).

We have summarised everything worth knowing about volunteering in a small brochure titled „A-Z für Volontäre“. Download >>

If you would like to apply for volunteer work at the EBM INTERNATIONAL, you will find more information here.