Missionary, development aid and commitment to the Second and Third World in Africa, Latin America and India does not need to be left to professionals. Through personal interest, information and prayer, these subjects can have great importance in our personal life and specifically impact our lifestyle or faith. Furthermore, first-hand experience can be gained through financial commitment to the mission, study trips, volunteer efforts, exchange programmes, work projects or personal collaboration e.g. as a missionary.

 Borderless - more than just a project

With the Borderless project, congregations get the opportunity of inviting colleagues and pastors from Africa or Latin America for a short stay of no more than three months in Germany.

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Serving God, serving people - SERVE

SERVE is the name of the volunteer program of EBM INTERNATIONAL and Hoffnung (Hope) INTERNATIONAL e.V.: Serving God, serving people. SERVE is a volunteer service of people over 18 in Africa or Latin America - in churches, kindergartens, in building and agricultural projects, at health care facilities...

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