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Latin America : Aid for Argentina

Member union:

  • Asociación de Iglesias Bautistas Germano-Argentinas (AGA)
  • Association of German-Argentinian Baptist Churches

C.C. 336 Oberá/Misiones, Argentina 

Capital: Buenos Aires

Size: 2,780,092 km²

Population: 38.9 million

Religions: 92% Christians; also Muslims, Jews and others

Languages: Spanish and 23 other languages

Education: 97.2% of the population can read and write

Government: Presidential Federal Republic

Agriculture: Cattle, grains

Industry: Tourism

Natural resources: Crude oil, natural gas

Special challenges: Financial and economic crisis, coming to terms with the military dictatorship


Latin America : Aid for Bolivia

Member union

  • Unión Bautista Boliviana
  • Baptist Union of Bolivia

Casilla 2199, Cochabamba, BoliviaWebsite:  E-Mail:

Capital: Sucre

Size: 1,099,000 km²

Population: 9.3 million

Religions: 94% Christians

Languages: Spanish, Aimara and Quetschua and 36 other languages

Education: 88.4% of the population can read and write

Government: Presidential Republic

Economy: Bolivia’s main economic sector is mining. The country has a wealth of natural resources.

Agriculture: Potatoes, sugarcane, wool, coffee, corn, rice, wheat and quinoa.

Special challenges: Discrimination of the Indian population majority, cocoa cultivation (50% of global production), a poor transport infrastructure


Latin America : Aid for Brazil

Member union:

  • Convenção Batista Pioneira do Sul do Brasil
  • Pioneer Baptist Convention of Southern Brazil

Rua Elizeu Faria, 157 – Casa 1 -  Xaxim 81720-130 Curitiba, PR, BrazilWebsite:  E-Mail:

Capital: Brasília

Size: 8.5 million km²

Population: 190 million

Religions: 96% Christians, Afro-Brazilian religions (Candomblé, Macumba…)

Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, 195 other languages

Education: 87.1% of the population can read and write

Government: Federal Republic

Agriculture: Coffee, sugar, soybeans, kidney beans, corn, rice, wheat, cocoa, oranges, bananas, etc., livestock breeding

Industry: Machine and automobile manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry and electrical engineering

Natural resources: Rich in natural resources

Special challenges: Poverty and corruption


Latin America : Aid for Cuba

Member union:

  • Convención Bautista de Cuba Occidental
  • Baptist Convention of Western Cuba

Zulueta No. 502, Esq. Dragones, La Habana 10200, Cuba  

Capital: Havana

Size: 465,468 km²

Population: 11.2 million

Religions: Christians; majority officially has no religious affiliation

Languages: Spanish

Education: 97.3% of the population can read and write

Government: Socialist Republic

Economy: Tourism, sugar (75% of exports), tobacco

Agriculture: Sugarcane, tobacco, citrus fruits; also rice, corn, coffee, cocoa, pineapples, bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, beans, tomatoes, wool; cattle breeding

Natural resources: Rich in natural resources

Special challenges: Poverty, shortages


Latin America : Aid for Peru

Member union:

  • Convención Evangélica Bautista del PerúBaptist Convention of Peru


Apartado: Av. Garcilaso de la Vega 1734 – Lima 1, Peru 

Capital: Lima

Size: 1.3 million km²

Population: 27 million

Religions: 95% Christians

Languages: Spanish and quechua and 90 other languages

Half the population is of Indian origin.

Education: 91.6% of the population can read and write

Government: Presidential Republic

Agriculture: Fishing, natural rubber, medical plants, cocoa

Natural resources: Gold, zinc, lead, silver, crude oil, natural gas

Resources: Hydropower

Special challenges: High foreign debt, inflation, climate change, poverty