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Children’s homes

Poverty India - Aid for Children

“A home for children” – is not taken for granted by children from the poorest families living below the poverty line and on the edge of civilisation. Children that were abandoned because a single mother no longer had the energy for them or did not want the children as "eaters." Most children fall by the wayside as a result of family disasters. How can they be helped?

For such children, EBM INDIA supports children’s homes that all have their own history and special character. Our 14 children’s homes offer shelter to children who are orphans or half-orphans, come from various problematic milieus or captivity or have no reliable parent's home for other reasons. Here, they can forget some of their worries and attain freedom, happiness, an education at school, a Christian education and better future prospects. By being accepted in the home, the children are often protected against the fate of child labour or child prostitution.

Your support helps give children the gift of hope for a better life.