Financial need: 750,000 €
Project: 51000

EBM in Cameroon

The history of the EBM began before its formation in 1954, with the despatching of Anna and August Steffens by the German Cameroon mission in 1891. Since then, missionaries from Germany and Europe have been involved in Cameroon with few interruptions. The mission work initially began in the agricultural north, in the villages Dagai, Gamboura or Maroua with the establishment of missionary posts: congregation work, hospitals and schools.

Here, the EBM is involved in many ways, not only in the north, but also in the large cities in the south of Cameroon and promotes primarily missionary projects in partnership with the Cameroon Union of Baptist Churches (UEBC). Ursula Greuter (Switzerland), Jutta Krebs and Emmanuel Mbiene (Germany/Cameroon), Hanna and Dirk Pusch (Germany), Laurence and Hervé Turquais (France), Christel and Martin Pusch (Germany) as well as Tabitha and Dominique Azemar (Cameroon/France) have made the EBM the organization that has sent the most European missionaries to Cameroon. The EBM spends € 750,000 per year for its work in Cameroon.

Map: Cameroon