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There are many ways to support the work of EBM INTERNATIONAL in Africa, Latin America or India. The first is a personal interest in the countries, projects and people or in different activities and tasks. You have read this far. Many thanks for doing so. This alone shows, well, your interest.

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They are named Fuente, Takona or John. Children and teenagers that have usually landed in an emergency situation due to no fault of their own. They are orphans or children of parents that cannot pay their school fees. They are children that do not have any prospects without vocational training. They are widows without an income or people whose life offers no more hope due to illness or disease. People whom the Gospel made find their direction in life again. EBM INTERNATIONAL helps people in need. Please help us in this effort!


support the aid organisation EBM INTERNATIONAL : Aid for Africa - Latin America and India

Our member unions along with their congregations, employees and missionaries, as well as projects and initiatives are dependent on diverse support and personal interest, especially through your prayers and your financial aid. On this site, you can personally decide how and in what form you could support EBM INTERNATIONAL. Many thanks for your assistance: