MASA – Application areas

> Argentina
> Bolivia
> Brazil
> Peru
> Cuba

EBM MASA in Latin America

EBM MASA Projects : Origin and Development : Aid for South America

MASA – Origin and Development

Missionary Activities in South America (MASA) – this name dates back to the early seventies. During an evangelistic trip to Argentina and Brazil, Pastor Horst Borkowski was deeply moved by the children’s misery and by the inner and outer hardship of the Amerindians. He raised understanding and a willingness to help in Germany and other European countries. As a result, children’s homes have been built and supported, social projects have been founded, mission work among Amerindians has been promoted and churches have been planted. The work has been expanding and still is. “MASA” now stands for all our projects in LATIN AMERICA.

The MASA concept

  • No evangelism without charitable work, and no social projects without proclamation of the gospel.
  • We exclusively cooperate with national (!) workers, who are willing to serve in the spirit of the Gospel.
  •  For our children’s homes, we have introduced a special sponsoring system. This makes it possible for the children to get everything that is necessary to their development. Education is based on the Christian faith.
  • MASA gets involved where God is already at work. This is always done in cooperation with the national Baptist Unions and the local churches. Responsibility remains with the staff workers and churches, thus ruling out dependencies.
  • The basics of our cooperation are: trust, cooperation at eye-level, transparency and reporting.


MASA – Areas of work

  • Children’s homes, projects for children, social assistance
  • Social ministry projects
  • Evangelism and church-planting
  • Theological training and training of staff
  • Disaster relief


MASA – Countries where we serve

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Cuba
  • Portugal