Schools for children in India: Aid in India

Preschools for tribal children

A school education? Vocational training? Something that we take for granted is a tremendous privilege for children and young adults in many areas of India. Most of the pupils come from very poor backgrounds so they often do not have the means to pay for a school or vocational training.

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“Ray of Hope” children’s home in Vansada

Childrens home in India: Poverty in India

63 boys and girls from poor Salvation Army families in widely dispersed jungle villages. Supporting organisation: Salvation Army (Mumbai)


Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Sewing schools in India

We support a total of six community sewing schools (Mohammadapuram, Edagali, Varigonda, Christiva Mitta, Padugupadu, Thukivakam)  in Nellore with a total of 90 training places.