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Saving eyesight

Poverty is the most frequent cause of blindness and physical disability. Natural catastrophes, undernourishment, lack of clean water, poor hygienic conditions and insufficient medical care are responsible for this. The cycle of poverty and physical disability keep people out of society and prevent their further development.

“A small glimpse of light produces a beaming face” – Our saving-eyesight services consist of three clinics that are stationary and mobile as well as one that is purely mobile, with patients being treated in a small private clinic.

Many patients are affected by cataracts and in some cases can hardly see any more. They become a burden to their family since they are no longer capable of moving around on their own, let alone living independently. The fact that they will never be able to see again, do not have the necessary means for treatment and face the mental pressure of being an additional “burden” on their own family, besides the serious poverty, cause these people to see hardly any sense in their life.

Our saving eyesight services have already been able to complete 90,000 eye operations and have given eyesight to people that would have been blind for their entire life without this help.